Treatment of TMJ Disorders

"...piece de resistance... torturous, like a wrestler, clients will "tap out" immediate therapeutic relief."

A spate of clients have presented suffering from Tempero-Mandibular Joint (TMJ) Disorder with chronically tight necks and jaws, grinding their teeth, and associated headaches. While medicos will say it is little understood, they are over thinking it...the tendancy for the affects of emotional stress to inexorably creep up and overwhelm us is the cause of the bulk of our health issues. Poor posture and lack of exercise accounts for much of the rest. Of course, some will have sustained injury or degeneration in the joint.


The wholistic treatment regime I have developed consists of:


Releasing holding patterns/blockages at the diaphragm, shoulders and hips with light

Fascial Release techniques eliciting a neural response;

Directed meditative breathing exercise to release jaw and face;

Postural correction through Remedial Massage assessment and treatment to optimise Head Carriage;

Extensive upper back, neck and shoulder massage treatment generally, and focused face and head massage;

Craniosacral Therapy on offer for those wishing to explore that avenue...I have heard first hand accounts that where all else failed, Craniosacral Therapy proved successful; and

The piece de resistance, don sterile gloves and work into the gum lines and muscles inside the mouth and jaw.


This last item torturous, like a wrestler, clients will "tap out" when the pain is too immediate therapeutic relief.

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